The new house of System Logistics

Again Lyto’s for the new project of Barilla in Parma
Project La Doria – Parma

System Logistics, a global provider of warehouse automation, has started the construction of its new headquarter, which will be built in Fiorano (MO), near its historic plant.

In the new plant, certainly could not miss an automatic warehouse, logically equipped with stacker cranes and automation by System Logistics, but where likewise the structural part has been once again assigned to Lyto’s, that has always “signed” with its structures, all automated warehouses that System Logistics Group has built for itself over the years.

A collaboration born first of all from a meeting at the end of 80s between two great entrepreneurs, Mr. Franco Stefani of System Logistics and Mr. Roberto Zanisi of Lyto’s, collaboration that subsequently led to the realization of over one hundred automated warehouses all over the world.

More than 30 years of collaboration all over the world, and a mutual trust on the ability to carry out projects that are sometimes very complex, it has been once again confirmed by both parties.

63 m length, 18 m width and 28 m height, with a storage capacity of about 10.000 sku distributed in 4 aisles, these are the dimensions of the building, but not only, due to its ability to manage projects in its entirety, Lyto’s has been entrusted also for the supply of the front part of the warehouse, and also for the complete cladding, realized with sandwich panels of proper thickness, with galvanized metal sheets pre-painted and guaranteed 30 years, in addition has been also requested a certified higher class of fire reaction, this fact led to the choice of panels with insulating material composed by polyisocianurate (PIR). As completion of the project and of the highest technical solutions, offered as always by Lyto’s, a polyolefine membrane with 20 years warranty, to optimally waterproof the roof of the new warehouse.

Technical solutions studied on the real needs / demands of the customers, ability to manage the project in its entirety, high quality of the products used, keeping of the pre-established and agreed construction times, that’s why, since more than 50 years Lyto’s is synonymous of high quality and reliability all over the world.