Again Lyto’s for the new project of Barilla in Parma

Successfully completed the construction of a new automated warehouse in Russia
The new house of System Logistics

Barilla after having realized the previous 2 projects with Lyto’s, 2003 in the headquarter of Parma, and 2006 in Foggia, has for the third time given full confidence to Lyto’s, for the construction of the new automatic warehouse, that will be built in the headquarter of Parma.

A project of massive size, over 33 m high and capable of storing 48.000 load units, distributed over 6 aisles in double depth. Included in the scope of supply, also the handling building and the platform to connect the new warehouse to the production building.

But not only this, the trust in Lyto’s by Barilla, trust from the technical point of view, and also from organization point of view, has meant that Lyto’s has been requested a complete supply, inclusive of firefighting system with sprinkler, and the whole cladding of the warehouse, cladding that will be realized with sandwich panels, with insulated material as PIR, in order to add a good thermal exchange with a good fire behavior.

The high specialization of Lyto’s in this kind of projects (self supporting automatic warehouse), the technical solution proposed (double depth storage) with continuous top hats, far more reliable solution than the one with staggered levels proposed by other competitors, Lyto’s product (welded and not drilled structures), the know how (design and development of the project made by structural Engineers of Lyto’s technical department), the experience (52 years of realizations done worldwide), the very high knowledge of the pasta sector (all the projects so far made in Italy), all factors that, could only bring Barilla to the choice that has then been done.

Project is currently in its development phase, its schedule foresees the beginning of the installation on August 2018 and the completion on April 2019, 9 months where will be necessary a perfect coordination of all various activities on site, aspect that Lyto’s organization has repeatedly shown to be able to do, always keeping the agreed time schedule.