Experimentation doesn’t stop in Lyto’s

Research and development in Lyto’s: evolution of fixing systems
Project La Doria – Parma

Lyto’s has given the green light to a new investment deemed necessary to further increase the experimental knowledge on its own products.

This because the experimental research and knowledge, associated to that based on specific international norms, is fundamental on the research and development activities in the field of the automated warehouses, where the performance of the individual structural components, are particularly relevant in terms of guarantee and reliability of operation.

It is an automatic test station, for the test of horizontal beams, about actions due to the vertical load (induced by the pallet stored) and for the concomitant axial actions (induced for example by wind and earthquake.

Fully adjustable and able to test beams up to 12 m length, the new automatic station will allow to appreciate the undeniable performance advantages of the horizontal beam/upright fixing system, that since 1965 distinguishes the structural solutions Lyto’s for automated warehouses.