Lyto’s conquers also Argentina

Lyto’s still present at Logimat 2018
Another rising year for Lyto’s

Also Argentina becomes part of the rank of the countries, where Lyto’s can boast at least one realization.

In fact, has just been completed and positively tested a new automated warehouse, for an important paper mill, located about 120 km far from Buenos Aires.

Important have been size and capacity, 95 m length, 53 m width, 23 m height, with a storage capacity of 16.000 sku.

Elettric 80, historic company based in Viano (province of Reggio Emilia), world leader in the manufacture of LGV, entered few years ago in the market of the construction of the automatic warehouse as automation provider, has chosen the quality, reliability and ability of Lyto’s , for realization of the structural part of the new warehouse to be built in Argentina.

Managing the whole realization with material and human resources coming only from Europe, Lyto’s has also realized the oxygen-tight cladding of the warehouse, necessary for the fire protection system, realized by the Customer, with constant reduction of the oxygen at a level under the 15 %.

The great management skill of Lyto’s and the considerable experience in all problems that distinguish complex works such as automated warehouses, have made sure that once again the result has been obtained in compliance with the established times.