Research and development in Lyto’s: evolution of fixing systems

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Experimentation doesn’t stop in Lyto’s

Since the 70ies, Lyto's has devoted much attention to the solution of problems connected to the anchors systems of metal structures, and to the foundation.

The purpose is always the same, to balance the need to obtain tensile and compressive strengths, not small, with the need to perform precise leveling, in compliance of the strict tolerances of reference. All with system that don’t create problems during installation and especially that don’t depend on the accuracy of civil works, avoiding related litigation.

For many years, Lyto’s has proposed with great success, to its Customers, both Italians and foreign, the famous HEA system, which involves the laying of appropriate anchors, between the wires of the armor of the slab, and then subsequently laying, with precision leveling, of horizontal beams, type HEA, subsequently embedded by a finishing floor.

But the world evolves, and in Lyto’s, never stand still, on the past successes.

So a dedicated cross-functional team, was put on work, and has been developed a new solution, able to avoid the additional costs for the finishing floor, to the Customers.

It comes to special anchor groups, pre-assembled, laid and leveled, by Lyto’s, directly on the foundation substrate (the so called “magrone”). Not outcropping elements, to the advantage of the overall usability of the entire slab, during the installation of the rack structures and of the automation. No problems for the Construction Company and for the Customer, because Lyto’s, with its strong winning mentality, never leaves unresolved, the issues of its competence.