Lyto’s mid-year situation

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In a previous news, we wrote about Lyto’s forecasts for 2019, still growth, compared to the last record years, still possibilities for improvements and still research and development of new structural solutions.

Now, in the middle of the year, we are “forced and happy” to confirm everything we had foreseen.

The Italian market, also due to the incentives of “Industry 4.0”, continues to be very high, in the sense that for Lyto’s at the orders already acquired between the end of last year and the beginning of the current year, others have been added, acquired in this first half of the year, bringing the order portfolio to high levels.

But also the foreign market is at good level of order portfolio, new projects have been acquired in Europe, in the American Continent and also in Asia.

Therefore, as stated repeatedly, Lyto’s confirms itself once again as a global player for everything concerning the construction of an automatic warehouse.

But not only, once the orders have been acquired, they must be realized, and to do this the whole organization must be synchronized and precise like a watch, which is why even in the organization Lyto’s has invested and continues to invest, with inclusion of new high-level professional figures.

We end with technological development. In Lyto’s the research is continuous, and it could not be otherwise, in fact Lyto’s, internally designing all its structures, is every day engaged in the study of new solutions, in new possibilities, to offer to its customers. Working in geographic areas very far from each other, and therefore very different, obliges and pushes Lyto’s to have a very diverse range of structural solutions.


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