Project La Doria – Parma

The new house of System Logistics
Project Carozzi in Chile

Quality sauces and dressing that have been exported all over the world since the region of Emilia Romagna, an automatic warehouse already built more than 10 years ago, the need for ever-increasing logistics, hence the desire to invest in a new automated warehouse.

Customer at this point asked himself the question, to whom must be assigned the realization of this new project, a question that was immediately answered with the name of Lyto’s, also because having the previous collaboration brought the required results, was worthing under all points of view, continue with those who already know the product, offers all the guarantees in terms of technical quality of the product, and is able to manage the project.

The result is a multi deep warehouse with a storage capacity around 20.000 pallets. But these figures are not enough to represent what has been done. As far as shelving is concerned, this is a result of Lyto’s know-how and the peculiarities of its product, non-perforated uprights for high resistance sections, welded structures and pre-assembled during the production cycle, simplification of installation on site. But not only, safety reasons have led to requesting the collapse of the structure in a certain direction in the event of a fire, which was solved by Lyto’s Engineers, creating a resistance hierarchy of the various structural elements, so as to create a “collapse direction preferential”.

In fact Lyto’s was not new to requests of this kind, having already carried out projects underlying the same characteristic.

Lastly we leave the aesthetic factor, here the Client wanted his new automatic warehouse to be a work that was anything but camouflaged with the surrounding environment, so an high impact chromatic solution was desired, made of strong colors that hit the eye.

Also in this case, the wide range of solutions offered by Lyto’s, has fully satisfied the Customer’s need, with a work that is difficult not to see even in the distance.