Lyto’s for NewCold: an unmatched automated warehouse

Top Ten Lyto’s 2023
Team building in Lyto’s: the new initiative by Edoardo Zanisi
Top Ten Lyto’s 2023
Team building in Lyto’s: the new initiative by Edoardo Zanisi

For Lyto’s the one commissioned by NewCold is a very important project, which saw the commitment of the company from the structural plan to installation on site: an impressive 5.0 logistics hub in Fiorenzuola d’Arda, in the province of Piacenza.

The biggest automated cold storage warehouse in Italy.
NewCold is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and management of automated storage for companies operating in the food industry and has chosen Lyto’s as a partner for the realization of this project.
The new automatic vertical warehouse has unique features: the activity of the logistics hub takes place at a constant temperature of -23° C, the storage capacity is 143,872 pallet position, has eight aisles in multi-deep and 15 levels. Only the first phase measures about 72 meters in width, 138 meters in length and is over 41 meters high.
The bases to become a point of reference in the field of the logistics of the cold for the market of the Italy North there are!

Over 50 years of experience make the difference.
Why did NewCold choose Lyto’s? For the quality of work and decades of experience in the design and construction of automatic warehouses (the company already has 1500 built).
The considerable size and complexity of this project, in fact, did not concern the Paduan production reality, open to the most innovative solutions in the field of automated vertical storage.
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Automate the warehouse to enter the future of storage, even cold.
The professionals of Lyto’s technical office have been able to analyze and understand the Client’s needs, so as to design with the engineering department of NewCold a metal structure at the height of a plant that requires a precision work not indifferent. Reliability and flexibility are in fact indispensable requirements for such a project, especially for the types of pallets to be stored, with different weights and heights.

Punctuality is not an option.
The deadline for the realization of the project was to be respected not only for the agreements with NewCold, but also for the coordination with the suppliers and the contribution of the material necessary for the construction of the work.
Thanks to the team of Lyto’s and an efficient collaboration, the automated logistics hub of Fiorenzuola d’Arda has been realized in 10 months and provides for the continuation of the expansion works, to meet the needs of an expanding market.

We conclude this article with the statement of Mark Angel, Project Director – NewCold:
«How Lyto’s has throughout the project worked side by side with our team to comply with all planned project planning is one of the engines that have allowed the realization of the logistics site».

The new automatic vertical warehouse by Lyto's for NewCold