Team building in Lyto’s: the new initiative by Edoardo Zanisi

Lyto’s for NewCold: an unmatched automated warehouse
The CEO of Lyto’s Marco Zanisi tells us about 2023 business results
Lyto’s for NewCold: an unmatched automated warehouse
The CEO of Lyto’s Marco Zanisi tells us about 2023 business results

At Lyto’s, we have always focused on the well-being of our employees. But since Edoardo Zanisi joined the company, we have embarked on an ambitious path, aimed at enhancing the sense of belonging and team among people.

With this in mind, we have chosen to actively promote employee engagement and teamwork through team building initiatives.

This decision was driven by the awareness that Lyto’s growth and development are closely linked to teamwork, in a context where activities must proceed synergistically, to ensure the success of each project.

"The growth goal of Lyto’s cannot be separated from the growth and development of people, and from teamwork, especially in a company like ours, where processes must work in symbiosis to ensure the success of every order," says Edoardo Zanisi, lean manger at Lyto’s.

We rely on quality and customer service.
Lyto’s places quality and end customer service at the heart of its mission. To achieve these goals, it is critical that each employee works for the well-being of their internal client. For example, the technical department must operate according to the needs of subsequent processes and especially to the needs of the site, in order to simplify and make the assembly phases more efficient.
The goal is to become a winning company and even more competitive in the market: to achieve it is necessary that people strongly believe in teamwork.

Form, share goals, value.
Lyto’s has strongly focused on sharing business goals with all employees.
Specific training for the entire production team was also launched, focusing on the "Lyto’s Management System" and on continuous improvement. This approach aims to fully involve all business resources.
The results were extraordinary, especially among the productive resources, which felt an integral part of the development project. A concrete project that we will continue. And team building initiatives have played a fundamental role in this process.

"Quality and customer service are essential and to maximize them, collaboration is essential, working for the internal customer. We want to be a strong and competitive company: the best way to achieve this goal is to be a winning team", continues Edoardo.

Team building: il successo dell’azienda si costruisce insieme.
Lyto's ha organizzato diverse attività di team building che hanno creato un grande interesse tra i dipendenti. Queste iniziative hanno rafforzato il senso di squadra e il coinvolgimento del personale.

Among the activities carried out we found time to:

  • a morning spent at the kart track, with the main objective of having fun in groups and strengthening the links between colleagues;
  • a summer barbecue, an occasion in which all office staff collaborated in the organization and which strengthened cohesion;
  • a collaborative treasure hunt in Lyto’s park, where employees split into teams to solve puzzles and eventually had to work together to finish the game: an activity that taught the importance of teamwork.

The future of team building at Lyto’s.
We want to organize an open day in spring, open to all staff and their families. This event aims to further strengthen the links between employees.
Throughout the year, Lyto’s will continue to host the park’s barbecue to promote moments of leisure and lightness among the staff, as well as organizing additional team building activities to consolidate its team.

The introduction of these actions, aimed at improving the business climate and uniting the team even more, has brought a significant strengthening of the sense of belonging and participation of staff. These factors are essential to Lyto’s success and continued growth.