Forecasts 2019

Forecast of the balance 2018

Rather than writing about the forecasts for the current year, it is more correct to write about confirmations for the current year.

The growth trend started few years ago, which in the recent years has shown a further surge upwards, a surge due to the Italian market, is also confirmed for the current year. The ascent continue, confirming what was written in a news of some time ago.

Internal market, due to the extension of the incentives of “Industry 4.0” continues to be very active, the order portfolio is already high, with projects that concern all sectors, even if it is always the foods that dominates, in the sense more broad that can be given to this term.

But Lyto’s, thanks to the results obtained with its achievements all over the world, has also always been export –oriented, the current order portfolio includes projects, which although in various stages of development, will be installed in Europe, both east and west, in Latin America, and also in Asia. Other negotiations are in the process of being defined, some even shortly.

Therefore we can say that for Lyto’s, at the portfolio order level, it is better to go directly to 2020 and the following years.